Aaron Medlin Apprenticeship blog

February 5, 2024

Hi, my name is Aaron,

I have been a Tax Trainee based in Old Mill’s Yeovil Office since September 2022.

Prior to starting my apprenticeship at Old Mill, I was a student at the University of Winchester studying Law with Politics. Being a student who had recently earned a degree was quite a daunting experience as the options are limitless, but the opportunities don’t always arise. Many businesses want to employ young talent but often look for experience, I was lucky that Old Mill are willing to pour time and effort into developing inexperienced individuals so long as this effort is reciprocated.

I had never previously considered a career in tax until I saw the job opportunity and it spiked my interest. Having studied law, I understood the intimate links between the two subject areas and had seen some crossover, so I was intrigued. With that in mind, and having done some background research on Old Mill, it would have been a wasted opportunity had I enquired further and applied.

The role has been everything I could have asked for. It is a hands-on experience, and every day is a learning curve with a team full of senior members who are extremely enthusiastic about passing on their knowledge. I find the knowledge of members within the Old Mill family to be ‘mind-blowing! This certainly helps an apprentice to shape their own aspirations.

I have done around a third of my apprenticeship so far and I find all elements of it to be very enjoyable. It often doesn’t feel like study as you are regularly meeting new people from other firms from across the country and making friends in the process – largely with fellow apprentices. And the room for personal development is vast, with numerous study days and soft skills workshops.

More importantly, the Old Mill family is so welcoming and friendly. As a young apprentice, you never know what to expect when leaving education and entering a professional environment, but my colleagues treat me as one of them and have been extremely supportive of my development. The overall experience has been brilliant, and I am enthused to go to work every day.

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