Alice Watkins, Apprenticeship blog

December 6, 2022

Hello I’m Alice. Before joining Old Mill, I studied Agricultural Business Management at the University of Reading, graduating in 2019.  After I left university, I started working as a farm consultant for Savills, where I worked for almost 2 years. I then joined Old Mill in June 2021 and am part of the Yeovil Rural Team.


My Old Mill Journey

I am currently working towards my Level 7 Apprenticeship ACA qualification, which started in September 2021. 7 exams down, 8 more to go – almost halfway!  Currently revising for my tax and financial management exams at the beginning of December. In November 2021 I also started on the Junior Adviser scheme.


Why Old Mill?

I knew Becky Partridge who works here and she told me how much of a lovely place it was to work, and how great the people were. I liked the opportunities on offer, and the ability to create your own career path. Everyone is treated as their own person when working out their career paths.


Day to Day 

The majority of my work is the preparation of accounts, so working with my line manager to reach accounting deadlines, and ensuring the accounts are compliant. Alongside accounts I also draft personal and partnership tax returns. I also get involved in some special work, which recently has involved asset reviews, and incorporation of businesses.



Our Operations Team Managers provide support with work planning, as well as if I have anything personal and would like someone different to talk to.  I was allocated a mentor from my first day at Old Mill who is always there to help me out when I have questions, and I have learnt the best way to learn and understand is to ask as many questions as possible!

Our whole team support each other – we help each other with questions, provide feedback to ensure we do tasks even better the next time round, and ensure that there is understanding of jobs set.


Looking forward

My main ambition is completing my ACA qualification and becoming a chartered accountant! Once I have got the majority of my study out of the way I would also like to get stuck into the Junior Adviser scheme, attend more meetings and gain an insight into this side of the business.

Eventually I would like to manage my own clients and have my own portfolio.