Chris Clarke, my journey from Apprentice to Adviser

October 17, 2022

‘Becoming an adviser was my end goal, being that go-to person for a client is something I really value’

I always been ambitious and passionate and that really comes across as in my journey with Old Mill. From joining three ago, as an apprentice in the Yeovil Office, I’ve thrown myself into everything Old Mill has to offer.

The biggest appeal for me, was gaining real life work experience alongside a qualification and not leaving university with a large student debt.’

I attend college one day a week and started my journey studying for my AAT Level 3, this resulted in six exams in total and a portfolio which showcases my technical and soft skills in order to complete my apprenticeship with Old Mill.

It’s not just the study which I enjoy, the support of my team is a crucial part of my day to day and the client relationships that I’ve been developing have really stood out. ‘I love working and interacting with clients, finding out about their businesses and ultimately how we can help.’

I spend my time interacting with clients over the phone and whilst on audit, this enables me to get that exposure into their businesses which really helps bring my technical and advisory experience together. ‘The best thing about going through an apprenticeship is looking back and seeing how far you’ve come. It’s a great sense of achievement when you are doing something that a year ago seemed a real challenge and now it’s part of my day to day.’

I describe myself as an energetic go-getter and whether that’s on the football pitch or playing cricket I really enjoy the social side. This plays to my strengths in the office, my interest in the business development side of his role and my ambition within the junior adviser programme. With support from Old Mill, it has helped to fuel my ambition, as the youngest member on the Junior Adviser Programme I really looking forward to the future, finishing my AAT Level 4, ATT and then onto my ACA qualification.


‘Becoming an adviser is my end goal, being that go-to person for a client is something I’d really value’

Chris Clarke

(L-R) Chris Clarke with colleagues Ben Carter & Stuart Coombe.