Heidi Viney Apprenticeship blog

February 7, 2023

My name is Heidi,

I have been a Tax Trainee based in Old Mill’s Yeovil Office since July 2021. Before starting my apprenticeship at Old Mill, I was a Petrol Station attendant at Sainsburys, which is quite different to where I am now! I left sixth form without applying to university because I wanted to gain some hands-on experience in a workplace environment before dedicating myself to a career I wasn’t yet sure on.

In my school days I had always been keen on accountancy, but I had never thought of working in Tax, so this was completely new to me. However, when I saw this, a rare apprenticeship opportunity, I was keen to give it a go.

Since starting my Tax apprenticeship at Old Mill, I have grown a great passion for Tax and have loved learning and developing in the role. Everyday has been a different but interesting day and I can safely say that I am very appreciative of the opportunity given to me and the opportunities available to me at Old Mill.

My role consists of a hands-on learning environment in my day-to-day week whilst attending study days alongside. I have found it very rewarding to attend my study days and return to the workplace applying the new knowledge and skills and show a progression in the role.

My day-to-day role is to assist with Tax compliance such as preparing Personal Tax returns, Residential Property returns and Capital Gains Tax calculations. I am now looking forward to having the opportunity to go and do some work in the Capital and Corporate taxes, seeing a different side of tax and the different opportunities it has.

I am currently halfway through my apprenticeship, having passed four exams with two remaining. I have enjoyed getting back into learning and have had a positive start to my studies, I look forward to progressing further in my role and taking on new opportunities within Tax.

The most important part of my apprenticeship experience at Old Mill is my colleagues, who make my workdays not feel like work. My team at Old Mill have been so supportive and all-around lovely people to work with, making my apprenticeship at Old Mill so far, a great experience.

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