James Norman Apprenticeship blog

February 5, 2024

Hi, my name is James.

I’m 20 years old and I’ve been at Old Mill as a trainee in the Wells Commercial team since September 2022. Before I joined Old Mill, I attended Nottingham Trent University for a year studying Economics when I then decided it wasn’t quite the right path for me. I had been interested in a career in accountancy since sixth form but ended up going down the more traditional university route before then making the decision to switch to an apprenticeship role in accountancy. I felt the opportunity to work and gain experience alongside studying for qualifications was much more suited to me and would set me up well for my future career.

My day-to-day role consists of preparing annual accounts for companies, sole trades, and partnerships along with their tax computations as well as preparing personal tax returns. I also undertake bookkeeping work for a few of our team’s clients which I think has really helped with my ongoing development in the role with more regular client contact. Being able to see the clear links between what I learn on study and the tasks I carry out in the workplace has been incredibly beneficial and is one of the main reasons an apprenticeship can be the best way to begin a career in accountancy.

I am currently coming towards the end of my Level 3 AAT qualification, and I am looking to begin Level 4 AAT in March. I have found what I have learnt so far has given me a firm basis of knowledge in accountancy and I look forward to furthering my studies and growing my understanding of all different accounting and tax matters. Throughout my time at Old Mill, I have had plenty of support from my colleagues in addition to the support I’ve received from tutors on my study to ensure that I am well prepared for my exams and that I am balancing both work and study effectively.

I look forward to continuing to develop in my role taking on different responsibilities as my skills progress and more opportunities within the team arise. Once I have completed my Level 4 AAT, I am also keen to progress onto my chartered accountancy training as it seems like the natural next step.

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