Kathryn Mansell, my career in Corporate Finance

Kathryn Mansell,  talks about her role as Old Mill’s Corporate Finance Adviser

August 2, 2022

Changing perceptions

Corporate Finance can often be perceived as the glamourous world of big multimillion-pound deals that make headlines. This doesn’t always make transaction support services feel accessible to everyone. Kathryn strives to change this perception as SMEs and smaller businesses are the heart of the UK economy and their deals are just as important, if not more so. A smaller deal can often be a really ‘Big Deal’ to the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) business and for many owner-managers, this is likely to be the only deal they do in their business lives. The stakes are high, and Kathryn is always on hand to help the client navigate through what can be an overwhelming process.

Working collaboratively

Whilst the stakes may be higher, often the resource to manage the process won’t be available in-house, so SME deals will typically involve several external parties.  Kathryn advocates a collaborative and organised style of working which makes her an effective project manager and allows for relevant input from specialists and third parties.  This approach extends beyond any traditional notion of ‘sides’ and encompasses all parties and advisers to help deals happen within an overriding principle of always doing the right thing.

Understanding clients

Kathryn focuses on those clients looking to acquire or lenders who need to make enquiries for a particular lend. She endeavours to ensure that transaction and fundraising services are accessible through a strong professional network so that SMEs can get the support they need.

She will really get to know and understand what drives her clients’ businesses forward and considers not just the financial returns but also non-financial aspects, such as dependence on key people and if a transaction is a cultural fit, which is just as important to understand.


Always willing to go that extra mile, Kathryn lives and breathes the Old Mill values of ‘Lovely to work with’,  ‘Open minded’ and Passionate. She cares about clients but also colleagues and fellow accountants. She makes time to coach and support staff with trainees appreciative of her eagerness to help them develop their technical skills.  Outside of work, Kathryn sits as president of the South West student society and young member representative on the Main ICAEW South West district society. Passionate about ensuring accountants in the area are heard and feel supported.

Kathryn is a great ambassador for her firm and profession and a role model for aspiring female leaders, particularly in Corporate Finance.  Find out more about the Corporate Finance Team here.