Rhys Gage, my journey from Apprentice to Client Manager

Gaining experience in both the Owner Managed Businesses (OMB) and Rural teams, I’ve had quite a journey around Old Mill starting with work experience when I was 15.


October 21, 2022

My first experience of Old Mill was when I came for a week’s work experience aged 15, with the Owner Managed Business Team in Yeovil. From there I completed my GCSE’s in 2016, applied for a job in the Yeovil OMB team and had started before I even had my results! Backtracking slightly, initially I was thinking about going to college to do my A-Levels but after speaking with Old Mill and realising that I could work and learn, I decided that an apprenticeship, was the route for me.

As part of my role, I started Yeovil College as an AAT apprentice in September 2016 after gaining my GCSE qualifications. Since then, Old Mill have sponsored my Level 2, 3 and 4 which has given me all the basic knowledge that I need to work in accountancy.  I’m now finishing my Association of  Accounting Technicians (AAT) diploma to further my knowledge, career and understanding of the work I do daily at Old Mill.

I’ve always enjoyed Maths at school, I was always pretty laid back but seemed to come to life and get involved in Maths and Business Studies, so this is the area that I wanted to explore further when the opportunity arose. I’m was excited to see what opportunities there were going forward and to keep expanding my accountancy knowledge.

After a period in the OMB team, I did a secondment into the Rural Team which I really enjoyed and has led me to be a a position of Client Manager.  I now have overall responsibility for delivery, execution and sign-off on accounts and tax to ensure they are prepared to the highest level of technical accuracy.  And I have the license to proactively seek ways to add value to our clients and the firm and liaise with other specialists across the business to meet our clients needs.


I’ve always felt really valued at Old Mill and no matter what team I’ve been in, I’ve been made to feel really welcome. It’s a great environment to work in.