Wayne Bastian, my career in Digital Services

Wayne Bastian,  talks about his role in the Old Mill’s Digital Services Team

August 2, 2022

How it started

Wayne was identified and hand-picked as a young, qualified accountant who showed a real passion that would help Old Mill develop in the digital accounting space.  Having taken on the task of developing a digital offering for Old Mill in 2020, Wayne has shown fantastic understanding of where the industry is going, interpreting the needs of our clients and then creating services that are helping to make them more successful.

What I do now

The Digital Services Team offers digital health checks to our clients, finance function reviews, app recommendation, app implementations and more to give our clients insights into their business performance. Wayne is now widely acknowledged as a digital expert, including being a champion user of Xero, Fathom, a2x, DEAR and more.

Working with colleagues

A key challenge in implementing these new offerings was to communicate to our own advisers about how these services help our clients, and to upskill the Old Mill workforce to deal with increased demand around them. Wayne approached this by building an internal website which included a training program, latest news, case studies and support articles / videos. As a result of his innovative thinking, we now put all our new employees through the training programme. Wayne also leads internal meetings for ‘Digital Champions’ and those newer to the space.

Speaking out

Wayne attends firm wide talks, speaking with advisers, sharing case studies, training staff and always being willing to take on new projects. Externally, Wayne has been working on Facebook ads for our health checks. He has also been developing his reputation in the industry by being a guest speaker at events such as the Digital Accountancy Show, Xero Education Month and the Appacus Podcast.

Wayne is seen as a key part of Old Mill’s future, a bright talent not afraid to take Old Mill into new directions, developing support systems, improving internal processes and stock management for clients.  Find out more about the Digital Services Team here.